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Aboard the Risika rocket We are challenging the faceless and old-school status quo within the exotic industry of financial risk management. We are on the look out for people that loves to challenge status quo, work with the best and friendliest colleagues and that genuinely believe that we are better together. In 2017, a small group of FinTech nerds from the world of banking, accounting and statistics decided to challenge the faceless old-school status quo within financial risk management. We leverage machine learning to help companies predict paying and non-paying customers, while delivering more ideal customers, through the Risika platform. Our ever growing collection of specalists have origins in auditing, sales, data and computer science, all gathered to make sure that our solutions are as flexible, automated, and reliable as possible. We hire people who love doing what they do best, and through trust, passion and ownership we alway push the status quo of helping small, midsize and enterprise companies make data based decisions to avoid risk and perform better. This creates results for our clients. We are real people with real passion. We are done with agencies hiding behind the desk and sticking to the status quo - we build a world class product with constant innovation through relationships. Vis mere Vis mindre

  • Selskabsform: Produktionsenhed
  • Etableret: 2016
  • Antal ansatte: 33
  • Bruttofortjeneste 2021H: 234' DKK (2020: 988' DKK)
  • Resultat før skat 2021H: -8.993' DKK (2020: -4.105' DKK)
  • Selskabsform: Produktionsenhed
  • Etableret: 2016
  • Antal ansatte: 33
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  • Sortedam Dossering 55, 2100 København
Kilde: Proff

Officiel virksomhedsinformation

  • Juridisk navn: RISIKA A/S
  • CVR-nr: 37677892
  • CVRP-nr: 1021411449
  • Selskabsform: Produktionsenhed
  • NACE-branche: 829100 Inkassovirksomhed og kreditoplysning, 631100 Databehandling, webhosting og lignende serviceydelser, 620200 Konsulentbistand vedrørende informationsteknologi
  • Virksomhed: RISIKA A/S
  • Telefon: 42 90 57 57
  • Adresse: Sortedam Dossering 55, 2100 København Ø
  • Postadresse: Sortedam Dossering 55, 2100 København Ø
  • Startdato: 30-04-2016
  • Antal ansatte: 33


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