East Metal Trade A/S

CVR-nr 21542571 CVRP-nr 1005012819 Normal
Nordkajen 21, 6000 Kolding Vis mere

East Metal provides resources and skills for the production of complex steel structures and components in accordance with the customer's specifications. With our well-trained and motivated employees and hi-tech plants, we act as a strong and independent subcontractor with the capacity to carry out large and small jobs. We are highly skilled in the manufacture of products and components based on the customer's own drawings and specifications. For over 20 years, our customers have benefited from work completed on time, on budget and with a quality guarantee. This is the reason why a broad cross section of manufacturers in the machinery industry have chosen East Metal as their collaborative and outsourcing partner. We work with and manufacture both large and small pieces for the wind energy sector, transport equipment, cranes and lifting gear as well as machinery and machine parts for the manufacturing industry. We manufacture both prototypes and single-piece products as well as serially produced products. Today, East Metal has over 40,000 m2 of production space at its disposal divided into four plants. This assures our customers that we can deliver on time. Our core competencies are welding, machining, surface treatment, load testing/tensile strength testing and project management. We take care of training our specialists ourselves (including at our own welding schools), and the staff receive ongoing education and training within relevant specialist areas as well as more general areas. This high professional standard is supplemented with the dedication and commitment of our employees to give the customer products with a consistently high level of quality. Vis mere Vis mindre

  • Selskabsform: Produktionsenhed
  • Etableret: 1999
  • Antal ansatte: 23
  • Bruttofortjeneste 2020H: 34.335' DKK (2019: 56.245' DKK)
  • Resultat før skat 2020H: 17.387' DKK (2019: 37.593' DKK)
  • Selskabsform: Produktionsenhed
  • Etableret: 1999
  • Antal ansatte: 23
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Erik Gammelgaard
Michael Kaalund
Lars Schou Pedersen
Kilde: Proff


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Officiel virksomhedsinformation

  • Juridisk navn: EAST METAL TRADE A/S
  • CVR-nr: 21542571
  • CVRP-nr: 1005012819
  • Selskabsform: Produktionsenhed
  • NACE-branche: 461400 Agenturhandel med maskiner, teknisk udstyr, skibe og flyvemaskiner
  • Virksomhed: EAST METAL TRADE A/S
  • Telefon: 75 25 17 99
  • Fax: 75 25 16 47
  • Adresse: Nordkajen 21 2, 6000 Kolding
  • Postadresse: Nordkajen 21 2, 6000 Kolding
  • Startdato: 22-02-1999
  • Antal ansatte: 23


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EAST METAL TRADE A/S er en del af et koncern med totalt 6 selskaber.


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